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A Play For Me, A Reality For Many

Last Friday I watched the most excellently produced theatre production titled ‘A Few Man Fridays' (above). The plot line is of an ex-rasta in London, Prosper, seeking his history and family heritage to only find out there is little hope of returning to the place called home. As he searches for his ‘roots' the secrets of history hidden for so many years, come to life to reveal what really happened in Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean.

Diego Garcia was part of ‘Lemuria'- the mountain range between Africa and Asia when the world was once one. As the land masses separated, the peaks of the mountains remained above water to form the islands in the Indian Ocean as the mass sunk beneath sea level. For generations, on Diego Garcia, there was a coconut plantation where the men picked the coconuts, the women peeled them and the children helped. The men then went out fishing. There was no cash economy but they were paid in wine and could exchange with those who wanted more. They were close to their dogs and had very tight knit families. Little did they know, they would one day have to leave paradise.

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