The Internet For Students - 10/07/12

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Here's my short and sweet guide to what's hot and trending on the web. These series of posts will keep students up to date with international insights, current technology and popular culture:

Murray shouldn't be too upset

Kim Sears

The UK has been gripped by news of Andy Murray's defeat at wimbledon, however, many tennis followers (and opportunists) on Twitter have raised an interesting point that after his Wimbledon loss, things aren't all doom and gloom for Mr.Murray. Their reasoning is based on the good looks of his girlfriend Kim Sears, read their entertaining comments on Buzz Feed Sports.


Picture a whole new world

MarsSci-fi fans and day-dreamers will rejoice at this new image of Mars (above) released today by NASA, this fascinating panaroma was stiched together from thousands of other pictures and gives humans more perspective on a mysterious planet. I wonder if Martians will be sharing this picture on Facebook?


Translate your environment

LanguagesHave you ever found yourself in a foreign country staring desperately at a sign wondering if it was guiding you to the bathroom or warning you of high radiation levels? Well if you answered yes, I have stumbled across a mobile phone app that will save the day, World Lens for Android uses the camera on your phone to read any text and offer an instant translation. It's already available in some key European languages but  the app will set you back £2.99.

Until next time followers, check back next week for more news and post your content suggestions to me via Twitter.

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