Social Digest: Ninja Turtles, World Tech, Comedians in Cars

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Welcome, as part of a series that keeps students up to date with international insights, current technology and popular culture, this week we've got content so fresh it may expire by the time you read the post. 

The Ninja Turtles Return

The dearly loved 80's cartoon series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is returning to capture new audiences. According to Nickelodeon's trailer it seems like the animation will be pretty basic. I wonder if the characters will be as likeable as the ones in the original series that caused a huge surge in the sale of pet terrapins, poor animals.

How The Majority Use Tech

We often are too busy playing with our numerous electronic devices to think about whether the rest of the world has access to such an instrument and how one would repair such an item. In this intriguing TED Talk, Vinay describes how developing countries seldom waste old technology and find ingenious ways to upcycle components from existing technology.

Comedians Cars and Webisodes

Larry DavidOnce you're rich and famous, there's nothing more you can do other than drink fine coffee and drive expensive cars and what's more gratifying than documenting it? The geniuses behind Seinfeld bring you Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. In keeping with Larry's impromptu acting in Curb Your Enthusiasm, this free online series pontificates on the mundane aspects of life, it's well worth a watch! Watch here.

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