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Foreign Film: 'The Hedgehog' (2011)

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'The Hedgehog'  by Pavel Smirnov, is an intimate short-film about a boy and his new pet hedgehog, Pavel is a student of Cinema and Television at St. Petersburg state university in Russia and has received international recognition for his camera work.

The film is an adaptation of a novel by Grigory Gorin, the story in this film centres around a father who is trying to watch a football match at home, only to be hindered by the bad signal of his television, which makes it difficult to follow the game.

While this alone is troublesome for the man, soon his young son returns to their house bearing a gift inside a hat, a prickly hedgehog which the boy had recently exchanged in return for a valuable lottery ticket...

View the film below in Russian with English subtitles, also available in high definition:

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Video Blog - Introducing Valeria

The first video blog in a series which features Valeria Puig, a young film-maker from Uruguay who has studied in the UK and is currently working in London.

If you would like to ask her any questions please do so in the comments section below.

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