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There is a whole world out there when it comes to cinema, with fantastic films comstantly coming out of countries from every corner of the globe. Here we celebrate everything related to foreign language films, bringing you reviews of the latest releases, features from festivals, top ten lists and short films that you can watch right here.   

However, we want YOU to get involved as well. If you want to write a review of your favourite new film or a feature about a certain nationality's cinema then contact us here.


Features and Articles


Here you can find a number of longer articles that focus on a particular area of world cinema, ranging from Cannes Film Festival to Korean cinema. 

Top Tens


Everyone loves a good list. Here you can find top ten lists on all sorts of different topics. Debate them, agree with them or add your own lists, this part is for you to get involved. 

Short Films


We have gathered together all the best short films on the internet for you to watch in one place. Got a spare few minutes and want to be wowed? This is for you. 



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Cannes Top 10 21st centruy films Wanuri
The winners are announced as Cannes comes to an end... MORE See what our top 10 foreign langauge films of the 21st century are... TOP 10 Interview with a young filmmaker with an inspirational story... WATCH VIDEO 


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