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UK Cinemas

You can usually find all blockbuster films in the cinemas along with foreign films, short films, documentaries, and other movies from across the world. It's often a good idea to book your movie tickets in advance, online. The biggest cinema chains in the UK are Odeon, Cineworld, Vue and Empire, though there are also thousands of independent cinemas throughout the country.

Most cinema chains offer a special student rate which you can get by presenting your student card, Sometimes different organizations, such as your university or ISH, will host free movie screening for students. For those of you who have a mobile phone plan through Orange, you get 2 for 1 every Wednesday cinemas across the country. 

World Cinema Guide


Renting DVDs & Streaming Films

The way people rent films has completely changed over the last 5 years. These days everyone either rents a DVD using a mail delivery service, or else simply streams films and TV shows online. Both options save you a lot of money if you regularly watch films and TV series.


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