Student Money & Finance

Look After Your Money in the UK

Coming to study in the UK can be very expensive. There is university tuition fees, rent, living expenses, academic costs and travel to think about, among many other costs. It is therefore very important that you make the most of the money you have and know how to spend it wisely.

In this section you can find out the best ways to do this, through choosing the right bank and currency exchange, and through carefully budgeting. Simply click on one of the links below.


Banking   Insurance   Discounts


Choosing a UK bank can be tricky. Whether you want to open a new stuent account or simply use a pre-paid card, we have the best options here.



When studying in the UK it is important to get insurance. Find the cheapest insurance specially for international students.


Student Shopping & Deals

Money can be tight when you are a student so every little discount helps. We gather together the best ones online, perfect for you. 


Budgeting   Currency  


The best way to save money is to budget carefully. Setting yourself limits on how much to spend on what makes student life simple.


Currency Exchange 

Studying in a new country means you may have to do a fair bit of exchanging currency. Find the places to get the best deal here.



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