UK Opticians

Looking After Your Eyes

During your stay in the UK, if you need eye care then you should visit an optician. Whether you already wear glasses or contact lenses, or your eyesight starts to get worse during your studies, a UK optician can help you.

If you need to see an optician, you should go to a high street shop. Some reputable places include Boots, Specsavers, Vision Express and Dollond & Aitchison. You can make an appointment for an eye test, and the optician will either update your current prescription or prescribe you glasses or contact lenses if you need them.

You will normally have to pay a minimum charge for an NHS eye test (around £20), unless you are under 19 and in full-time study. Charges for frames and lenses varies; you may be able to apply for help with these costs if you are on a low income. If you already have glasses or lenses, bring the details of your prescription (in English) along to the UK.


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