Student Travel Guide


If you are a student who likes travelling, then here you will find a guide to all your travel needs, from flights and trains, to hotels and hostels, as well as short trips and organised student travel. As a student you will be able to take advantage of all the cheap travel and special student deals available, so take a look here before booking anything.


Rail   Trains   Buses & Coaches


The cost of flights varies hugely these days depending on who you book your tickets with. Save money with our tool to find the cheapest price.



Travelling by train is a wonderful way to visit other cities and towns in the UK and throughout Europe, saving you the hassle of airports.


Buses & Coaches

If you have extra time and are on a tight budget, then a bus or coach could be the best way for you to travel across the UK from as little as £1.


London   Cars   Insurance

London Public Transport

Coming to a big, foreign city like London can be a bit overwhelming, especially when using public transport. Read our guide for all the information.


Car Travel & Rental 

If you are planning to drive during your stay in the UK, then it is important you know the rules of the road in Britain. You can also rent a car here.


Insurance & Safety

When going on a trip, whether alone or in a group, it is important that you get insurance, but it is even more important to stay safe.


Hotels   Tours   Guides

Hotels & Hostels

Whether you want a budget hostel or a luxury hotel, there are places to stay to suit your needs. Use our tool to search for your perfect accommodation.


Group Tours & Trips 

There are loads of options for organised tours around cities (London for example), as well as trips to other countries. Easy & cheap.


Student Travel Guides

We have a selection of guides to popular cities around the UK & Europe. Written by students and for students, they have a tight budget & fun in mind.


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