Language Course Fees

Unlike many university courses, the cost of language courses in the UK is the same for everyone, regardless of where you are from. However, the fees do vary massively depending on the type and length of course and the institution you choose.

The best way to give you some average costs is to look at an example. For this we will use King Street College in London to give sample costs. Standard full time English classes (15 hours a week) start at £70 per week or £555 for a 10 week programme, part time courses (4 hours a week) cost £275 for 12 weeks and intensive courses (30 hours per week) are £1,293 for 10 weeks.

This is just an example of the costs but most colleges and language schools charge similar prices. However, there is some variation, so if you are not too bothered about studying at an exact institution then it is best to look around to try and save some money.

To find out the exact costs of the college or university which you are interested in, visit our directory of English Language Schools or visit the schools’ websites.

Paying Your Fees

You will have to pay at least some of your fees up front when attending a language school. Different schools have different policies and so will have different payment structures and schedules. 

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