Restaurants and Take-Aways

Eating out at a Restaurant

The British have a bad reputation when it comes to food and eating out. However, the UK is now home to some of the world's best restaurants with dozens of Michelin-starred places to eat and even a few 2* and 3* restaurants. 

However, as a student, chances are you'll be looking more at the other end of the scale for cheaper food. Wherever you are studying you'll have loads of choice nearby. One of the best bits about eating out in the UK is the sheer range of different cuisines available- from Chinese, to Mexican, and Indian, to sushi.

For an evening meal and a drink prices will start at about £10 and go all the way up to over £100 depending on how fancy you want to go. There are lots of half price and 2-for-1 offers around too, so make sure you do a little research to save yourself some money.

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Here you can search for restaurants and make a reservation in cities all over the UK. There are over 4000 restaurants you can search and hundreds of 50% off discounts, making it the easiest, cheapest way to book a meal out.



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Service Charge and Tips

If you are in a restaurant or café, it is customary to give a tip to the waiter or waitress if you receive good table service. After you have paid for your meal, you should leave at least 10 per cent of your total bill. In some restaurants, the service charge is included in your bill. If you are not sure, just ask. There’s also no need to tip bar people or attendants at self-service restaurants.


Many UK restaurants offer a take-away/delivery service, from international cuisine to traditional fish and chips. Go to a fish and chip shop to buy traditional battered cod and chips. Other famous British fast food includes the Cornish pasty. These are pastry parcels filled with meat or vegetables and are very tasty.

Or if you fancy some international cuisine there are literally thousands of Indian, Chinese Thai and Japanese take-away restaurants, as well as almost every other cuisine in the world. Search below for nearby takeaways and order online for free.

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