Language School Scholarships


Financial Help for Language School Students

If you are coming to the UK to study at a language school then you may need help financially. Although the fees are generally lower than most undergraduate or postgraduate courses, the price of living away from home and in the UK is just the same. Equally, you may not have budgeted for having to take a language course before your main course starts. To help you out, there are a few different scholarships available to international students coming to the UK to study English. 


How do I Apply for Scholarships?

Most universities offer cheap English language courses for international students if they are coming to study a longer undergraduate or postgraduate course at that university. This is a good way to save money on language school fees if you are coming to study a longer term course in the UK also. Therefore, you should check the language sections of the websites of all the universities you are interested in. 

However, as well as the scholarships specific to individual language schools or universities, there are also lots of more general scholarships open to all international students coming to the UK. 


Language School Scholarship Directory

Below you can see a list of a few of the most well known general scholarships and a few examples of specific ones:

  • University of Salford: A discount for any student who completes at least one block of the English Study Programme (ESP), the Summer English Study programme (SESP) or the Super-Intensive Summer English Study programme (SESP) and then proceeds to register on the International Foundation Year (IFY) or on any of the School of Languages’ Undergraduate or Masters (MA) programmes by the end of the next academic session.
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