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Latest UK University Changes Explained

The Higher Education system in the UK is in a period of huge change as new government legislation is affecting everything from tuition fees to international visas. To keep you right up to date with how these changes may affect you, here is a summary of the recent developments.


International Student Numbers Expected to Double

The number of non-EU international students coming to study in the UK is expected to double in the next four years as universities look to benefit from the extra money they bring in tuition fees.

Some notable examples include Durham University which is planning for a 97% rise in the number of international students between now and 2014-15, and Exeter which expects a 73% rise.

This would continue the current trend which saw the number of non-EU students rise by 7.8%, from 2009 to 2010, with a 27.8% increase in students from China and a 20.4% rise in students from Singapore.


Brazilian Students Encouraged to Study in UK

The British universities minister, David Willetts, flew to South America last month to set up a scheme that will encourage 10,000 Brazilians to come and study in the UK. The Brazilian government would provide scholarships of up to £18,700 per student to give its brightest students the chance to study at a world class university in the UK.

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Fans Go Mad for the iPad 2 Launch

Today is a very special day for some people in Britain. It is one of the few days of the year when Apple iPad fans can truly show their love for the gadget. For today, at 5pm, the iPad 2 is being launched in the UK. 

Outside the Regent Street Apple store, the queue has been steadily building, with the most dedicated of fans prepared to wait an amazing 33 hours. That's right, some have been queuing since 7.30am YESTERDAY just to be one of the first in the country to get their hands on the latest gadget.

We went to speak to a few of these fans to see what makes them do such a thing. Are they dedicated? Mad? Or simply very bored? You can make your own mind up from the video above.

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