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Having a well written CV and covering letter is one of the most important things when applying for jobs. However, writing good ones can be tricky, and it is made that much harder if English isn't your first language.

We offer a service specifically for overseas students and graduates applying for part time, graduate or full time jobs. Our CV Check is the complete package to guarantee you the best chance of getting a job.


 - Package 1: CV Only

Your Personal Advisor Will Offer:

  • Advice on Design: The layout of your CV is surprisingly important. If it doesn't look the part, employers can reject it before they even start reading.
  • Help Choosing What to Include: Deciding on what to include and what to leave out on a CV can be hard. We'll help you choose.
  • Spelling and Grammar Corrections: Even if you've got brilliant experience and qualifications, if your CV has basic spelling mistakes it won't be taken seriously.
  • Help with Any Other CV Queries: We can help with any other questions or problems you may have about your CV. 

      Price: £10                                

 - Package 2: Covering Letter Only

Your Personal Advisor Will Offer:

  • Advice on Layout: Every country has its own special way of presenting covering letters. We'll teach you about the technical details. 
  • Help Choosing What to Include: It is important to know what to include and what to leave out in a covering letter. We'll help you choose.
  • Spelling and Grammar Corrections: Writing several paragraphs in a foreign language can be daunting. We'll make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect. 
  • Help on a Single Covering Letter: This price is per covering letter and you must first provide us with a rough draft. If you want help on drafts for multiple jobs then contact us for a special rate.  

      Price: £15                                

 - Package 3: CV and Covering Letter

Your Personal Advisor Will Offer:

  • Both of the Above: All of the above services for your CV and covering letter for a special reduced price.

      Price: £20                                

You will be asked to send a current CV and/or covering letter draft once you have purchased this service, so make sure you have them ready before clicking through above. Your own personal advisor will take a look at it and reply as quickly as possible.

This package is for one draft of your CV and/or one draft of a covering letter. We cannot prepare multiple CVs and letters for different jobs. Terms and conditions apply.

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