Applicants for 2013 entry

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Hi, everybody! I know I might be a bit early but I was wondering who else is planning to apply to schools in the UK for entry in 2013. I thought it would be nice to share ideas about where to apply, how to go about the application process, etc.


Hi, Maggie! This is really helpful since I'm actually trying to decide whether I should go to college at home in the U.S. or go for the European experience in the U.K. Anybody faced a similar situation? How did you decide? I know that tuition fees in the U.K. are increasing but I think that most U.K. schools would still be cheaper than in the U.S., especially if I don't get financial aid here. I've also heard that degrees in the U.K. are more practical, whereas in the U.S. the liberal arts system teaches more general knowledge that might be good for cocktail conversations but how about real life? Any ideas would be so appreciated! xx, L