The Cult of Apple

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This week Apple announced major updates to it's products and service at the annual WWDC conference.

I'm an Apple user, and I enjoy innovations in technology but are we getting too excited about some of these so called updates?


I think that Apple have a great range of products, and I know I couldn't live without my Mac.

I guess we are a bit too attached to the brand in the same way we value any other of our material possessions. 

The notion of being updated must have links to our desire to feel a sense of belonging in relation to our peers and status in society, technology simply mirrors this longing in a more obtrusive way.

I'm a PC user, and I think Mac fans are take their computers too seriously.

@Fred - hahaha. I'm a PC user at heart but I'd be lying if I didn't say I love my mac! @Afshin - Apple vs Google for world domination?!