Are International Students Still Welcomed to Britain?

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After a couple of incidents of violence, as well as new harsher visa rules, we have been asking the question- how welcoming do you find Britain?

If you are a prospective student thinking about studying here, do you still feel Britain is welcoming to you?

If you are already studying here, do you feel like the British have accepted you?

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I wonder whether when an industry, law, finance, engineering or whatever else it may be, states firmly that it only takes EU or EEA students it means that there is an anti-international student stand?


I wonder if universities would change policies if that happened?

I've been in UK for 1 1/2 years now and I've never felt threatened or rejected for being an international student. But i live in London, where it seems no one is British!!

Agreed!! London is the most international city I have ever been to but there are still internships out there that specify only EU and EEA students can apply in regards to eligibility so am thinking whether this should be the case, given it should just go to the best individuals, regardless of nationality.



unfortunately, these companies are constrained by the Tier 2 regulations. Even if they wanted to: in many cases, they couldn't.