What can we do about the London riots?

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The video shows Asyraf Haziq sitting dazed and bleeding on a London pavement.

From our blog:   London Riots Spread from Tottenham

                     London Riots Spread across other UK Cities         

Riots Focus Turns to Manchester and Birmingham 

London is currently experiencing some turbulent times with wide-spread rioting and looting happening within it's social and economically deprived communities.

Whether you are living in London or elsewhere in the UK, what do you think can be done to restore law and order?

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I think the only long term solution is to regenerate the areas without alienating the current residents. If they can be developed without losing their current culture then more jobs means less unemployment, less poverty and less dissatisfaction.

However, all easier said than done.   

I think a problem that almost every big city has not just in the UK, but the world is that too many young people from poorer areas see the police as their enemy. And I don't blame them especially. Police need to be a part of the community rather than being seen as outsiders trying to control it. 

Again though, as John says, easier said than done.  

I know that a lot of users on Twitter are tweeting #riotcleanup and people from across different communities are trying to clear up the mess from the past few days.

The London Riot Clean-up Facebook Page

This whole situation has gone too far, I've always felt accepted in the UK we need to send a clear peaceful message to these criminals that we don't tolerate riots.

The Metropolitan Police of London, known as Scotland Yard, have cautioned Twitter users not to incite additional rioting in London. A male was shot and murdered by Scotland Yard police recently, which has angered individuals in many parts of the city. Demonstrations have resulted in rioting and unrest. Article source: Weekend of London riots leaves city devastated by looting. UK isn't the only state that suffers crisis, many or should I say, every state faces poverty. So, instead of rioting why don't we come together and work for development?