Foreign Language Short Films

In this section of the site we feature the latest and greatest short Foreign Films. Below you can look through our listings of some of the best English and foreign language films that are produced by international film-makers.

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Short Films

In the film industry, there is a distinction between feature-length and short-films, films which can be categorised as 'short' are those which last no longer than 40 minutes in North America, in Europe this is generally percieved to be even shorter, with the maximum time being roughly 15 minutes.

Short film-making has become increasingly popular with independent film-makers, this is because costs and time spent in the production process have been reduced as the equipment becomes more adaptable and widely-available. Broadcasting your film has never been easier, by using video-streaming websites on the internet, your content can potentially reach a mass audience.


The Hedgehog (Russia 2011)



Synopsis: A kind and funny story about kids and parents, based on a novel by Grigory Gorin.

Director: Alexandra Tsareva

Language: Russian (English Subtitles)

Running Time: 00:07:28

Link: YouTube


Dobli (The Netherlands 2006)



Synopsis: A short film about an african boy living in the Netherlands. He's fed up with his baby brother who gets all the attention of his parents.

Director: Johan Timmers

Language: Dutch (English Subtitles)

Running Time: 00:09:50


First Sunrise (Japan 2010)



Synopsis: An American teaching in Japan finds acceptance through a journey to witness the first sunrise of the year over the Pacific Ocean.

Director: Kenneth Price

Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)

Running Time: 00:11:07


Urban (Romania 2010)



Synopsis: An independent urban short film made for a romanian contest.

Director: Vladimir Teneslav

Language: Romanian (English Subtitles)

Running Time: 00:04:17


Film Resources

  • The British Film Institute- The BFI is a British film archive, they also run festivals and fund independent film-makers.
  • The Internet Movie Database- IMBD is the Internet's largest film database, it provides in depth information on all; cinema, DVD and Blu-ray releases.


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