What is the best way to travel within the UK?

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When travelling long distances across the country, getting a train is usually the easiest and often the cheapest transport. You can get from London to Manchester (in the North of England) in just over 2 hours and will cost about £30 each way if you book well in advance. Furthermore, you can save 1/3 off train travel if you are a student, with the 16-25 Railcard.

If you are not worried about how long the journey will take but would like to save money, then you can get a coach for as cheap as a couple of pounds if you book here with Megabus.

Alternatively, if you can drive and your license is valid in the UK, then you may want to hire a car for a few days. It will be more expensive but will give you more freedom to travel when and where you want.

For really long distance journeys (from London to Scotland for example), flying is much quicker than trains or coaches and can sometimes also be cheaper. To find the cheapest flights and book tickets, use our Flight Search tool.   

For everyday short distance journeys, the UK generally has very good public transport links. If you are in London then the tube and the buses both run non-stop services all over the city and are easy to use once you have been on them a few times. Most towns and cities have similar systems that offer cheap-ish travel around the local area.