What is an internship?

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An internship is a short term contract (usually 1-3 months) with a company that offers you the chance to get some great experience in a job. For international students it's the perfect way to get an understanding about how business is conducted in the English-speaking world and a chance to experience a different working culture. Not only that, but they also look great on your CV and can lead to opportunities for permanent work.

If you are on a degree course, you can take an internship of up to three months (not limited to 20 hours a week), providing:

• You are on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course in the UK

• The internship is offered by an employer as part of their recruitment procedure

• You have not taken an internship previously with that employer

• The internship is paid, and the pay and conditions of employment are comparable to those for a resident worker doing the same kind of work

• The internship is completed during your current UK student immigration leave

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