What are the fees for English language courses?

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The cost of English Language courses for foreign students really does vary hugely depending on the type and length of course and the institution in which you do it. The best way to give you some average costs is to look at an example.

For this we will use King Street College in London to give sample costs. Standard full time English classes (15 hours a week) start at £70 per week or £555 for a 10 week programme, part time courses (4 hours a week) cost £275 for 12 weeks and intensive courses (30 hours per week) are £1,293 for 10 weeks.

This is just an example of the costs but to find out the exact costs of the college or university which you interested in studying English Language at, visit our Student Guide to English Language Schools.


Do you have the list of Universities in which this course is being offered with their contact numbers?