How can I find private housing in the UK?

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Many students in the UK decide to rent private property instead of living on university campus. Even before you arrive, you should research locations and select the areas where prices are reasonable based on your budget.

Properties in an area are advertised by specific agents, whom you should contact to arrange viewings upon your arrival.  It is wise to visit a few properties before making a decision, so that you can compare prices, locations and property conditions. Some students find it useful to rent a property for a short term whilst they search for a longer term house.

When you find a place you like, you are ready to make an offer. The agent will usually ask for references from any previous landlords, so bring contact details of places where you have lived before, if at all. The agent will then ask for a first payment to take the property off the market, and this money will be returned to you if the landlord ultimately rejects your offer. If he does agree, you will have to pay a deposit and provide proof of address, and you will be all set.

It is worth noting that universities offer valuable help to students searching for private housing. Institutions often have their own database of properties, offered at lower rates. They can also recommend specific agents and even review your tenancy agreement to make sure you are entering a fair contract.