Coming to the UK Checklist

When planning to study in the UK there can seem like there is a million different choices: which universities or colleges to apply to, which course to study, where to live, how to get to the UK. It can be easy to be slightly overwhelmed by it all.

To help foreign, international and overseas students hoping to study in the UK we have brought together everything you need to know, all in one place. Simply have a look at the list below which breaks it all down into easy, achievable steps and lets you know when you should do what if you want to start at course in September 2011.


Choose a CourseChoose a Course:

The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of course you want to study. Choose from undergraduate, postgraduate or MBA and between part time and full time.             

When? As early as possible to give you time to choose a university or college.                


Choose a University or College

Choose a University, College or English Language School:

Next decide on which university or college you want to study at. Rankings tables can help but it is best to find out as much about them as possible with our UK University Guides.  

When? As early as possible to give you time to meet the application deadlines below.    



It sounds easy, but applying to study in the UK can be complicated. To help you we have written a Foreign Student Guide with all the information you need about applying.   

When? By October 15th 2010 for medicine and Oxbridge students, January 15th 2011 for other EEA students and June 30th 2011 for other international students.                                           


Arrange FinancesWork Out your Finances:

Find out how much your fees are and how to pay them, as well as all your other expenses here. Research possible scholarships you could apply to, to save money on fees.

When? Most scholarships are arranged well in advance of the start of the university year, so you should start checking from December 2010 onwards.                                                        


Learn EnglishMake Sure your English is Good Enough:

Most universities in the UK they require their students to be able to speak at a certain standard of English language. If yours isn't quite good enough then there are hundreds of courses you can take.

When? Most pre-university language courses start in July 2011, so you should book it by no later than June 2011. Many also have limited spaces so book early.                                            


Arrange AccommodationArrange Accommodation:

You should arrange where you are going to live before you arrive in the UK. Most universities have their own student halls, or else you can go through a student letting agent, or private landlord.

When? It depends on where you are staying but with university halls you should usually have them arranged soon after you have been accepted on to a course.                                             


Arrange TravelArrange your Travel to the UK:

Flying is the usually easiest way to get to the UK, though trains may be more convenient depending on where you live.  You can get cheap deals for either

When? Most foreign students will arrive in the UK in Spetember 2011 but its best to book your travel well in advance to get the cheapest deals.                                                                           


Join our Student CommunityConnect with other Students Coming to Your University:

If you connect with other students coming from your home country to the same area in the UK before you arrive, then it can make settling in much easier. We have our own ever growing community of foreign students. 

When? In the weeks before you arrive in the UK, so in August/September 2011.              


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