Public Speaking Workshop

Want to speak with more confidence?
Want to succeed at your next interview?
Want to increase your employment opportunities?

To help you achieve these goals, we are running Central London Public Speaking Workshops with critically acclaimed National Theatre actor Daniel Hart.

The sessions will help you define your goals, enhance communication and improve your presentation.

At the moment we are offering a very special introductory cost of just £220 + VAT for each workshop, though with a valid student card, students just £130 + VAT.

To register your interest, fill out this contact form.

Below you can see the structure of the sessions:


Part 1: Practical Vocal Exercises.

  • These exercises will strengthen your vocal clarity and your power of projection.
  • We will make sure every vowel and consonant in your speaking voice is perfectly and comfortably pronounced.
  • We will work with diction and economy of words.


Part 2: The Psychology of Career Success.

Your strengths and difficulties

It's a definite no-no to say 'I'm not good at...' or 'I have a problem with...’. However, to say, 'I definitely want to up my game concerning asking for help' empowers both interviewer and interviewee.


Gain acknowledgement and respect

We are all ambitious, but how do we keep site of WHY we do what we do and the initial ideas which inspired us most?

By increasing our awareness of subject matter and gaining a deeper relationship with our work, we create more energy, success and longevity in our career and workplace. We also limit situations of conflict or judgement because as opposed to blame, our mind is fixed on the big picture.


Part 3: Workplace Communication.

Working with a video camera and audio recording, we role play office politics, situations you might find yourself in at the initial stages of your career and we then review the recorded material, addressing what can be done and said differently.

You will learn how to get the most assistance from your colleagues, improving office atmosphere. You take control!


Part 4: Interviews and Presentations.


One of the things we are judged on is the way we put ourselves across vocally. I was speaking with the head of Human Resources for a major international airspace company the other day and he told me no matter how good a persons CV is, in interviews he judges applicants on how well they put themselves across.

We will work with what to ask and how to answer all kinds of interview questions.


Everybody reacts differently to giving talks/presentations. It's a challenge to think about our audience more than we think about ourselves and continuously feel their process. We will teach you how.


  • Inspiration: You will practice involving yourself in the subject matter, really bringing care to it.
  • Developing Material: How do I know what to say and in what order? You will learn a method to help, whether you are speaking off the cuff or writing a speech.
  • Articulation: If you're a person who sometimes jumbles words, or slips up or stutters, it indicates that you haven't truly acquainted yourself with the ideas and text that you're speaking. We will work on exercises which will banish the nervous problems from your speech and make you in to a well informed and confident speaker!
  • The Body: We will work with physicality and the efficient use of props.


About Daniel Hart

Daniel HartDaniel has performed in theatre from a young age, winning a place at the renowned 'Drama Centre London', at the age of 17. Graduating from there in 1997 with a BBC Carleton Hobbs Radio award, Daniel went on to record numerous radio plays, voice overs and poetry recitals for BBC Radio three and four. In the West End and National Theatre, Daniel has had a distinguished career, making his debut in Peter Pan at The Olivier Theatre, where he studied voice with Patsy Rodenburg. In 'The Browning Version', opposite the late Corin Redgrave, The Daily Telegraph called his performance '... astonishingly convincing...'. 

Daniel has taken his experience in theatre and film in to the corporate events arena and has been co-producer on the annual computer game festival, 'Runefest' at Vinopolis, London, since 2010.

In education, Daniel has been devising, casting and directing the 'Shakespeare Rocks' workshop, for children in European Unesco schools since 2006.

As an independent consultant for the past 5 years he has given lectures and has helped many individuals in personal coaching in all aspects of career development and professional communication. 


To register your interest, fill out this contact form.


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