4 ways to prepare for a successful first day at work

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With graduation imminent and four hard years of studying coming to an end, it's time to leave behind the comforting familiarity of university for the cold, harsh world of work.

It's a big step which, whilst boasting some pretty serious positives (who else can't wait for their first fulltime paycheque to bolster their bank account?), also comes with a lot of drawbacks.

Mostly, getting used to a new and strange environment.

Yup, your first day of your first real job after university is on the horizon, and you're already feeling nervous.

It's an understandably nerve-wracking experience, but the good news is, we've all been there.

Which means we've got plenty of advice to help make your first day a success.

Here are four tips that'll let you walk into your new office feeling confident and ready to take on the world. Check them out.

#1: do some research

Before your first day, take some time to Google your new employer and their industry. Doing this background research should help to put your mind at rest and increase your familiarity with your future job.

You can even email your new boss and ask if there's anything you can prepare, read or start working on.

At worst, they'll tell you not to worry, but hopefully they'll send you some useful resources to get cracking with.

#2: perfect your office style

What you wear can have a huge impact on your confidence, with the right outfit capable of making you instantly feel more put together.

But since your first fulltime paycheque is still a whole month away, you probably don't have the funds to fill your wardrobe with flattering blazers, crisp designer shirts and killer court shoes.

You can still embrace the art of power dressing and give yourself a boost by focusing on a few little, purse-friendlier style changes. Try buying a new perfume or experimenting with makeup gift sets to find your perfect eyeshadow shade, for example.

#3: figure out your route into work

The last thing you want on the morning of your first day is to be stressed out and running late, whether it's the fault of delays in public transport or getting lost on your way into the office.

Whilst you can't control everything, you can make sure your journey is as perfectly timed as possible by doing a few practise runs in the week leading up to your start date.

It'll help you figure out bus schedules and the quickest routes, without the pressure of actually needing to be anywhere for a set time.

#4: sort your body language

So long as you know how to fake it, you don't actually need to feel confident on your first day - you just have to look it.

This is where body language comes into play. By simply holding proper eye contact, maintaining a correct posture and keeping your arms relaxed, you'll ooze confidence (even if your hands are secretly shaking and your heart is racing).

It takes a while to perfect body language, but once you've got it sorted it'll stand you in good stead throughout your career and life.

Have you got any other advice for graduates feeling nervous about the first day of their new job? Leave a comment and let us know.


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