5 Most Popular Courses in USA for UK Students

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The latest data has revealed some very shocking numbers when it comes to young minds from UK shifting base to the land of opportunities that we all know as America. The top universities in the US have recorded a high number of in-take from United Kingdom. The dull job scenario and overall job crunch in the market seems to be the reason why bright minds from the UK have decided to try their luck in United States of America.

As per the data released by the elite universities in America, it was evident that the British students are flocking the American colleges in large numbers especially for the flexibility in courses related to Arts field. The students are known to seek admission in the liberal arts which encompasses a wide spectrum and also provides them the liberty to study range of subjects before they take specialization in the third year.

The most compelling reason to make a noticeable shift is the steep hike in the tuition fee in UK universities. At the same time, American universities are offering attractive scholarships to international students which have led to the surge in the British brain drain from their own country. Listed below are the top five courses that the students are seeking admission in.

1. Master's in Business Administration: MBA is known to be a highly flexible course and offers the students the freedom to pursue their choice of industry upon completion. Since the principles taught in MBA are applicable across all industries, it opens up a wide array of options for students. British students are known to enroll in some of the best American universities for their MBA program.

2. Engineering: Just like MBA, engineering too is a vast field that has a huge pay off potential after obtaining the degree. America houses some of the best engineering colleges in the world like Massachusetts Institute of Technology which has world repute. The students from UK do not only enjoy the world class campus life but also the finest level of education offered in these universities.

3. Computer Science: Technology is at an all time high and surely entices students from all across the globe. The high rate of employment opportunities and ever increasing for IT professionals offers a secure career progression.

4. Nursing: In most of the western countries, it has been mandated that in order to officially assist the doctors, dentists, obstetricians in their medical procedures, the nurses must have a formal degree. With this caveat, many students are enrolling in the nursing course because of a well paying secure job one can get after completion of the course. Many students come from the UK to study this course which now also has scholarship options that glorifies this field all the more.

5. Economics: The students who pursue economics at an advanced level gain analytical skills needed in any company. The idea is to make students adept at dealing with high volumes of data and manage and analyse it at the same time. Many companies have too much data with very little knowledge as to what to do with it.

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