Accommodation Starter Kits

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The new term is fast approaching. For many, it will be their first time moving away from home. Some will travel thousands of miles, in order to pursue a course at a chosen University, here in the UK.


As well as needing various course items, you will also need to furnish your new accommodation with certain essentials. Some of you may choose to bring items with you, others will opt to purchase these upon your arrival. A third option is to order items in advance and have them delivered directly to your new student accommodation. This will be a smart move, given that this will be a stressful period, with lots of emotions running high. Perhaps you will be leaving home for the first time. Maybe it’s the first time that you get on a plane… with all this going on, the practical outlook to order such item means that you will avoid overweight charges with the airlines for these items which can be sourced relatively cheaply here in the UK, or having to ship the items long distances. 


Tailor made starter kits have been designed for your time in student accommodation. Items on offer include, bedding packs, kitchen kits, bathroom essentials, as well a whole other range of items, which will be useful for living comfortably for the duration of your time in rented accommodation.


You can save yourself a lot of time and money and have the items of your choice delivered to your new home for use upon your arrival. All you have to do is select your items from the range, these will then be packed and dispatched to you.


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