Balancing Between College, Work and Personal Life

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Being a college student can be very demanding, and if you add work and personal life to your study schedule, you can often end up with a very overwhelming task to meet. However, with a few tips and some good planning, you can stark a good balance between college, work and fun. Here is some advice that will help you survive this stressful time in your life.

Have a good schedule

A good schedule will keep you informed. You will know when you're due to start a project, finish an assignment or meet a colleague, so you can easily fill the gaps with a few fun things to do like meet your friends, catch up with your favorite TV show or have a pampering day. Sticking to your timetable is very hard yet very important. But, once you see how much easier it is to balance everything when equipped with a fool-proof schedule, you will find it easy to stick to it.

Learn good time management

If you don't pay attention, college life can take every waking moment of your day. Many new students feel like they need to find the time to participate in every social event on campus and join as many clubs they can. Once you finish with everything on campus, you will have no time to see your friends or relax. So, learn how to manage your time, prioritize, divide your day into portions and you will get to fit everything into one day without issues.

Stay away from multitasking

You might think multitasking is necessary when you're short on time, but it consumes a lot of energy and often takes more of your precious time. The best way to be efficient is to tackle tasks one by one. Of course, you need to take plenty of breaks in order to keep your energy high and your brain sharp. No matter if it's your homework, work obligations or social activity projects, approach them one at a time.

Take care of your health

Unfortunately, when you're busy, your health is the first thing you neglect. But, if you're sick, weak and drained, you won't be able to meet any work, college and social obligations, let alone all of them. So, make sure to choose healthy meals, drink plenty of fluids and get some exercise. If you're new to exercise, feel free to find a practical workout blog online here that will teach you about gear, sportswear, hydration, nutrition and proper exercise. Having such a friend on your side will get you hooked on physical activity in no time! 

Create realistic goals

People usually choose to redefine themselves when they start college or get a new job, but this can lead to some overly-ambitious goals. You might choose to hit the library every day, stay late at work or get to know your new town if you study abroad but you need to set some more realistic goals. Start by establishing small tasks for every day and every week and one larger yearly goal. This way, you will feel great when you hop over the small stepping stones and have enough energy to tackle your main goal!

Don't hesitate to say no

There will constantly be plenty of club invites, volunteering opportunities and new responsibilities to take at work, but are you sure you can handle everything? If not, just say 'no' to extra activities and you'll be much happier, healthier and successful.

Have a day off

You know how people on a diet have cheat meals? You need to do the same with your lifestyle, otherwise, you may choose to quit everything all together. Your days off will give you a chance to recharge your batteries and stay stable physically and emotionally. Self-care is very important for achieving balance.

Working while pursuing higher education might seem like too much for many, but it's often necessary if you want to make it in this highly-competitive world. If you keep these tips in mind, you will find things a little bit easier and find a good balance between work, study and play.




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