The Best Way to Learn to Drive Whilst in the UK

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When you study in Britain you may find it helpful, or even necessary, to learn to drive. Driving in the UK opens up a huge range of possibilities and can make your living situation much easier. If you are looking for work whilst you study then it can also help if you are able to drive, as this will create a lot more opportunities for you. You may find that once you pass your test it will help you to settle quickly, as you will feel a huge sense of personal satisfaction as well as independence.

Getting as Much Time Behind the Wheel as Possible

Learning to drive can be stressful, and it is important that you have as much time behind the wheel as possible. This is so that you can hone your skills and master all the manoeuvres that you are taught during the lesson. You will find that during the lessons you do not have much time for practising one manoeuvre, and this is because you want to cover as much as possible in these lessons. If you have somebody that can teach you privately (such as a friend or family member), then you will need to take out learner driver insurance. This will give you the peace of mind and cover you need to practice becoming a safe, competent motorist.

With this cover you will be insured on the car that you are driving, and as long as you have an experienced driver in the passenger seat, you are able to practice. It is important to note that fully comprehensive insurance will not usually cover learners, so no matter who you are with or the car you are driving you will need learner driver insurance.

Annual or Temporary Learner Driver Insurance

You will usually find that there are two options for learner car insurance. The first is annual, where if you have a vehicle registered in your own name you can learn privately in this car and begin earning your no claims bonus. The other option is temporary, where you can get insured on somebody else's vehicle for anywhere from 1 week through to 140 days. To find this insurance you will need to look for specialist vehicle insurers. These businesses understand that as a learner driver you will want to spend as much time as possible practising, but not in an expensive and stressful lesson environment.

Once you are insured then you can spend all the time you need mastering the manoeuvres that you learn in your lessons. This will quickly improve your confidence as well as your driving abilities. Before long you will have taken and completed the test, and this will make your experience in the UK much improved. This is because it opens up so many more possibilities in terms of studying, work and living, and will also help you to feel confident and have a sense of independence.

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