Check out these April Fools’ Pranks

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With April Fools' fast approaching, pranksters will no doubt already be plotting and scheming for 1st April. In light of this, Gala Bingo have put together a list of some of their favourite pranks from recent years.

There have been many well-publicised hoaxes in recent memory, such as last years' ridiculous suggestion that a Central London theme park was being planned with a slide around the Gherkin. This absurd suggestion will surely have only fooled a small proportion of people, nevertheless it was a bold claim. Up North in Newcastle, there was confusion last year when it was reported that after a poll on the Sun Newspaper, the iconic Angel of the North monument was to be re-painted pink and renamed ‘Cheryl Cole of the North' after the Girls Aloud star who has Geordie origins.

Companies are often keen to gain publicity on the day, as demonstrated in 2010 by coffee giants Starbucks, who announced a new ‘giant' coffee size on their blog. Whilst this sparked widespread interest across coffee-lovers alike, it turned out to be a hoax and the company had no intention of producing the ‘Plenta' - a 3.8 litre option!

Last year, social media site Twitter caused a stir by saying that they were updating their service to exclude vowels to encourage a more dense form of communication! Furthermore, Facebook played a prank on users by announcing that they were introducing a monthly fee if you wanted to have more than 20 friends. This just illustrates the increase in popularity of April Fools' as more and more people and companies are getting involved with pranks.

Whatever you might have planned for April Fools' this year, make sure you keep your eye out for the pranks that will no doubt be being planned by many for April 1st and try not to get fooled!

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