Choosing Student Accommodation Online

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Technology is increasingly helping would be or current students of all nationalities to find suitable student housing, online rather than face to face. There are plenty of options to consider when deciding on the right place to live and this can be booked online from your home country.

It's a big decision, as you'll be living there for at least a year. Research is key and is highly important when it comes to choosing a student room, in locations near to your university. You will find yourself looking at different accommodation types, ranging from student flats, home stays, shared houses, university halls and private student halls.  Budget is the biggest factor for most, travel costs and time also need to be weighed up. If you are opting for accommodation which requires the use of public transport, look at commute times of buses or tube to see whether you would be happy doing the commute on an ongoing basis.

Make sure you look at what's in the local area - such as a supermarket, a gym, or cinema. Some areas are nicer and safer than others and it's worth determining how far your housing will be from the tube or night bus - remember you need to stay safe!

You will have a choice of different options when it comes to your accommodation.

One is opting for "University Halls," where you will be living with other students, so it's a great way of making lots of new friends, the downside is that you don't get to pick who you live with and be prepared for it to be noisy and perhaps a little messy! Opting to live in privately rented accommodation is one way of ensuring (a) where you live and (b) who you live with. 

Another option is "Private Student Halls" which are similar to University Halls, but owned by private companies. Many of these companies have formal arrangements with universities and provide their students with accommodation. You can also have your own space, as most of these Private Halls will also rent out individual studios, with the benefit of being surrounded by other students. 

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