A Day in the Life of a Foreign Student

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Yes, I realize that foreign students come in all shapes and colours (literally). However, I think there is no better way to explain what it feels like to study in England than to give you a glimpse of the things I would do on any given day. Do bear in mind that one of the things I've enjoyed most about my time here is the lack of routine. London is such a dynamic place to live in (and Europe is such a great continent to explore) I have the luxury to fill each day with new surprises.


In the morning I am usually awakened by little kids laughing, shouting and singing right outside my studio, which is conveniently located next to a primary school. During the academic year, I would take the underground train to school and eat lunch there between lectures.This was a great time to catch up with classmates or readings, or attend one of the lunch concerts offered at LSE. During the two or three days I did not have class, I would dedicate my mornings to my part-time job.


Most afternoons I would finish class and get back home as early as possible before rush-hour traffic made the train journey unbearable. Sometimes I preferred walking, always amazed to see the hoards of Londoners that hit Oxford Street stores after work. And sometimes I preferred taking an iconic, if slow, double-decker bus- the best place to read a good book.

Afternoon hours are a great time for leisure in London. This is when the parks welcome the joggers and football players, when theatres host their matinees and when places like the London Aquarium offer discount tickets. I usually attend my spinning classes, do groceries at Tesco and purchase my weekly Hola magazine at the foreign news stand.


As a resident of the International Students House (ISH), there are countless activities in which I can take part during the evenings. ISH organizes monthly themed suppers, concerts, lectures, karaoke and open-mic nights, workshops and many more events. These are great to unwind and mingle with our great community of foreign students. When not at ISH, it's nice to cook a quick meal at home or join friends at a restaurant, followed by a movie right before I fall asleep. Bedtime usually comes late, however, since the night offers the best chance of talking at length to my parents and sister, who are on a different time zone.

My weekends are packed with fun. Beyond occasional house cleaning and laundry, I am always going after the latest musical or festival in the city, or checking out a new restaurant with my neighbours. However, it is probably accurate to say that I have spent most of my weekends abroad, usually with the ISH Travel Club. There is barely time to study amidst all the travelling and the entertainment in London, so I always greet Monday with exhaustion.

And still I could never get tired of living in London.


Maria is a Cuban Harvard graduate and a guest blogger for Foreign Students. She posts regular updates of her experiences as a postgraduate student at LSE in London. Click here to see her older posts.


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