A Day in the Life of a Wimbledon Crowd Member

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With Wimbledon taking place at the moment we thought what better way to describe what it is really like than to describe to you a typical day for a member of the crowd at Wimbledon. So sit back, and enjoy our light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek diary of a day at the famous tennis tournament:

8pm (the night before): Just settled down in to my place in the queue. It's raining a bit, but I brought a tent with me so I should be fine.

6am: The stewards woke everyone up and I've taken my tent down. Turns out it wasn't especially waterproof. No worries, I'm going to get a nice bacon sandwich and cup of tea to start the day.

8.30am: Just rang my boss. I've "got a terrible migraine" so can't come into work today.

9.30am: The turnstiles have been opened. Hope I'm in the first 500 people so I can get a ticket for Centre Court!

10.30am: Didn't get a ticket for Centre Court so I won't be able to watch Andy Murray. Still, I'm sure the outside courts will be good. Just got two and a half hours to kill first.

11.30am: Eating some strawberries and cream.

Midday: Got some more strawberries and cream. Going to get a seat on Court 14 to watch Britain's big female hope. Sarah something....or is Jenny? Light drizzle, hope it clears up.

1pm: The rain has cleared and the players are warming up. I'm going to see some tennis!!

1.10pm: It's started raining. Players are going inside. I must remember to hide from any TV cameras in case my boss is watching.

1.30pm: It's stopped raining and the players are about to start. I just joined in with a Mexican wave. The old members didn't like it though- got a few dirty looks.

3pm: I got to watch a whole, real match of tennis! Unfortunately, the British woman lost to a Russian lady with an unpronounceable name.

3.20pm: Time for some strawberries and cream I think. There is nothing better in the rain I always say.

4pm: Murray starts in a bit, so I'm going to see if there happens to be any spare seats on Centre Court...fingers crossed.

4.05pm: No chance at all. Absolutely rammed. Oh well, Murray Mount will be fine for me. There should be a cracking atmosphere.

4.30pm: It's raining but thankfully the new roof on Centre Court means Murray can still play his First Round match. I'm going to get very wet, but it's all good fun eh?

5pm: Murray has lost the first set. Not sure who he is playing, I've never heard of him before. I'm told he's never won a match before though.

5.30pm: Murray has lost the second set.

8pm: Murray has just won! Unbelievable. I knew all along that he only lost those first two sets just to make it more exciting. Say what you like about Andy Murray, but he knows how to entertain a crowd.

8.30pm: In a queue to get out. Seems like I've been queuing all day, I'm soaking wet and my wallet feels a lot lighter, but I've had a brilliant day. You just can't beat Wimbledon. Bring on next year!


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