Does Expensive Food Equal Unhealthy Eating?

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A recent report has revealed that people in London are eating more and more unhealthily as living costs continue to increase. Here Erik gives his view on this growing problem.

"Better quality foods are often more expensive, as well as often the healthier options. For example, a box of chips with two spicy chicken wings costs £1.50 at my local fast-food place, but when I asked for rice, which is healthier than chips, they wanted to charge me £4. No wonder many people do not have any other option than to just to live unhealthily.

Or bring their own food, which is often impractical, and unusual in the eyes of the consumer society. Recently, I saw a man open a sachet of instant soup and add to it hot water from a flask, right in one of the London's shopping malls. Way to go, but I thought him weird and would not like to be viewed as such. No one would. And therefore we choose rather to be the victims of fast-food than public disdain.

However, much of this can be helped by fruit, protein bars, low carb milk shakes and similar treats accessible at supermarkets. Many people are envious when someone cares about proper nutrition, but claim not to find a way how to do the same themselves. The internet is full of pages telling you to "eat this instead of that' where you can find good advice. Not to mention the simple task of reading nutritional labels. I recently heard on the radio that consumers noticed Yorkie chocolate bars have got smaller, which testifies that they do care. The size change is mirrored in the waistlines of label readers.

By the way, yesterday I developed a kind of food poisoning and stomach ache, therefore my diet is restricted to digestive biscuits and black tea. Boring and a lack of protein, but actually an another option...."

Erik Redli is a university graduate from Slovakia who is currently living in London. Read more posts by Erik here.

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