Getting You to Uni: Different Means of Funding

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Funding your way through university is a daunting prospect for anyone. Despite the help from Student Finance, studying away from home is undoubtedly expensive, and sometimes a student loan isn't enough to pay your rent, bills and all the other expenses that come with student living.

Rather than doing the maths and giving up on university all together, it's important that you explore all options to see if there are other ways to fund your studies. To give a brief overview, here are some options you might want to look into.

Specific University Grants

Being selective about where you choose to study can have a drastic impact on your income. Many universities offer grants for different achievements and circumstances, so if you're expecting to secure top grades at A-level or are particularly talented at a certain sport, then you could be eligible for some extra cash.

It's worth short listing your prospective universities and taking the time to look into the bursary programmes of each, making a note of which ones could ease the financial burden of studying. Sometimes, universities will even offer cash incentives for students looking to take a particular course, so it's worth exploring that too.

Extra Help from Family

Have you had a discussion with your family about any savings plans they may have set up for you? Many parents save for their children from an early age, and even if it's a small sum, you could ask whether there is any money being kept away for a ‘rainy day'. If they're reluctant to let you have access to it, explain how it could make or break whether you're able to go to university.

If your parents are 100% supportive of your decision to study away from home, they might be willing to help out in other ways. It's not just Student Finance that can help to fund higher education, and other loan providers offer products that could be used by parents who want to help their children get to university. A Nemo loan would be secured on their home however, so it's not a decision to be taken lightly.

Part Time Jobs That Work Around Your Studies

A part time job may help you fund yourself through university, but sometimes employers aren't so understanding when you have deadlines looming, or simply just need to cut your hours to focus on your studies.

Many university student unions employ students in the bars, shops or even to run open days, and as an employer, your university is much more likely to understand that you need to put your studies first. Plus, they tend to pay marginally better than your average retail or restaurant job. Check with your student union for vacancies when you arrive, and keep an eye on the NUS Connect website for opportunities.

So, don't stop at Student Finance when it comes to funding your degree; there are other options out there that can give you the financial boost you need to get to university.

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