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Coming to London for the first time, chances are you'll have bumped into one of the numerous volunteers found on the major streets in Greater London. They are generally trying to raise money, probably to support a non-profit organisation such as Greenpeace.

Greenpeace is an independent institution aimed at promoting a better understanding of current threats to nature and a more responsible maintenance of the world. Founded in 1971 by a small group of activists, it has now spread around more than forty countries around the globe.

In this century where profit leads most people's actions, it is crucial to raise awareness about environmental issues such as global warming, the importance of recycling and the need for a greener economy.

Greenpeace's campaigns have always had a huge impact on social and political changes by fostering a more responsible way of thinking. The actions have many forms- from investigating and exposing environmental abuse, to lobbying governments and decision makers, to championing environmental responsibility.

They also support a free and independent press, underlining the democratic power of the media to promote a common sense among their audience of what should be modified in society. They think the media should direct people's attention to matters which are often unconsidered such as, for example, the importance of organic food in our everyday life.

To make all these actions possible a high amount of money is needed. Furthermore, raising funds is extremely vital for changing the way the world is treated and for covering real costs- all the support comes from the public, and not from governments or corporations. Therefore, any amount raised is truly valued and appreciated by Greenpeace.

The money raised will help, a wide range of causes, from protecting the rain forests and the life that depends on them, to defending the oceans and the creatures that live there, to tackling climate change and its impact around the world.

See the website for the latest undercover investigation, which has revealed a group of Conservative MPs trying to strangle investment in clean, renewable energy, or email for a copy of the Fundraising Guide.

Giacomo Tirelli is an Italian student in his first year at Goldsmiths University in London. You can read more of his posts here.

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