Harry Potter Fever Hits London

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, the final film in the series, premieres in grand style in London tonight, and the series' die-hard fans have been out in huge numbers showing their support. Thousands of children and adults alike have been camping in the rain for days to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars when they arrive on the red carpet this evening.

Most Elaborate Premiere Ever

The Harry Potter series is the most successful franchise in the history of cinema, with the seven films so far taking more than $6.3 billion globally at the box-office. Fittingly, therefore, the first screening of the final installment is set to be the biggest, most elaborate premiere London has ever seen.

For the first time ever, there will be simultaneous screenings of the film at both Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square, which have both been transformed into magical areas straight out of the Potter world. Equally, the road joining the two sites will be turned into Diagon Alley- the famous magical high street used by the wizards in the books.

Though the premieres tonight are open only to a select few, the film opens to the public on July 15th and is expected to smash all box office records. Indeed, early reviews have been very favourable, with critics calling the final film hugely ‘satisfying'. If you want a ticket to the hottest film in town, you better book one soon!


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