Helicopter Crashes in Vauxhall, London

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A helicopter crashed in Vauxhall in central London at around 8am this morning. In misty conditions, the helicopter hit a crane on top of a building and fell to the ground. 

Police confirmed two people died- one of whom was in the helicopter. A further 13 people were injured- seven were treated at the scene and six were taken to hospital with varying degrees of injury. 

Eyewitness reports described how the helicopter's fuel caught fire and spread across the road, causing huge plumes of black smoke. The video below shows the intensity of the fire.

The incident sparked a huge response from the Fire Brigade, and within minutes of the crash the area was swarming with emergency services. In total, there were six fire engines, four fire rescue units and 88 firefighters and officers at the scene scene.

Bruce Grain, station manager from the London Fire Brigade, told the BBC:

"The fire spread to buildings along the road. We were able to rescue someone from one of the burning cars that the helicopter hit. All the fires are under control now, we're damping down and making the area ready for the investigation."

There were a further 57 firefighters at the scene of the crane which the helicopter hit, which was left leaning precariously off the building. The picture below shows just how high the crane is and the poor visibility of the conditions.


The crane the helicopter hit

MP Nicky Morgan happened to witness the crash, telling the BBC:

"There was suddenly an enormous bang - I thought something exploded. Then clouds and clouds of black smoke. I presumed what it was I heard was the crane collapsing or the helicopter crashing into it. I heard the bang then saw the clouds of smoke but there was too much in the way to see much at that point."

The crash caused travel chaos throughout large parts of central and south London, as Vauxhall Tube and railway station, as well as a number of roads all closed.

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