How to Make Your Late-Night Study Sessions More Effective

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We've all been there; after procrastinating throughout the day, we ended up having to study through the night for an exam or pull an all-nighter to get an assignment done. Studying late at night isn't the best thing to do. The lack of a good night sleep and the very nature of late-nights make this approach less effective.

While late-night study sessions are often inevitable, there are some things you can do to make those nights count. Here are the best tips on how to make your late-night study sessions more effective.

Prepare Your Materials

Don't wait until late at night to get the course materials you have to read in order. Getting the materials for your study - or the research paper you have to submit the next day - ready during the day is a great way to prepare for an all-nighter.

It only takes a few minutes too. You can spend your coffee break searching for research papers on Google and bookmarking the pages. You can also gather additional materials such as books and notes, and then organize them to make going through these materials easier.

As mentioned earlier, these tasks only take a few minutes to complete. You can squeeze them into your busy day and be more prepared for your late-night study session.

Take a Nap

If you do have to pull an all-nighter, try to make time for a quick nap. A 15-minute nap - or one that is slightly longer - is more than enough to get your body ready for the all-nighter. You no longer have to worry about feeling sleepy after 20 minutes of reading your Intro to Accounting book and you'll feel more refreshed.

Having a quick nap before studying through the night helps too. Sleep early and wake up before 9 PM so that you have plenty of time to get things done. You may need to spend some time gathering focus before you can study, but this trick works nonetheless.

Watch What You Eat

Some food items are known for their brain-boosting properties. The University of South Dakota actually published a list of study snack tips that can help you avoid hunger - and those late-night cravings - in a healthier way. My personal favorite is dark chocolate; it keeps me focused and helps with maintaining a positive mood.

Don't forget to drink a lot of water too. Avoid high-sugar drinks for the night and stick with water to keep the body hydrated. You can also have a cup of coffee or tea, but make sure you don't drink too much. Too much coffee makes your heart beat faster and prevents you from staying focused for longer.

Forget About Alcohol

Lastly, don't even think about drinking alcohol to help you sleep after an all-nighter. While alcohol can help you sleep faster, it decreases the quality of your sleep substantially. You will feel the sleepiest at around 4 AM and a short-but-effective sleep will help you feel better in the morning.

Just make sure you set multiple alarms before you do. Sleeping is easy after an all-nighter; waking up in time to get to the exam, however, is another story. 


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