Improve your CV Whilst in School

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Whether you are a first-time student studying for a degree or a mature student going back to university after working for a while, it is always worth doing whatever you can to improve your CV while studying. There are very good reasons for this, chief among which is that having work experience matters. When there are so many graduates and others going for every single job, you need to do what you can to stand out.

Plus, enhancing your CV now by developing your skills and getting some valuable experience in the world of work will stand you in good stead for the future - and you might even be able to apply the knowledge you've learnt studying in a practical setting, which will benefit your education, too.

While you are studying, it can be a very good idea to do some voluntary work. This is a good option for many students as there is a wide range of work choices available. For instance, you could become a charity fundraiser, developing your communication skills. Alternatively, you could spend time at an old people's home or a kids' club, or teach your native language as a foreign language - all occupations that will look great on your CV and develop your transferable skills.

If you are at university, the student's union might also have some good volunteering opportunities for you to get involved in. For example, many students get involved with the running of societies and clubs, organising events and having a say on how their courses are run. This can give you a chance to work with management, something that will help your CV to stand out.

Another good option is to undertake an internship. These generally take place during the university holidays, usually during the summer but you can also find shorter placements during the Easter break. Internships provide a good way for students to get work experience, often with market-leading companies and organisations. Many of those same companies also run graduate schemes, so if you are planning to apply to such a scheme, having done an internship with the company previously will definitely stand you in good stead.

Doing voluntary work or an internship while you are studying also shows that you are serious about developing your career. It suggests a commitment to what you are doing and a willingness to learn - in an admittedly tough jobs market, that could be just what you need to get that first foot on the ladder.


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