Learning from London and its Multiculturalism

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Giacomo Tirelli is an Italian student in his first year at Goldsmiths University in London. Here he explains  why he chose to study in London and why he's learning from the city all the time:

Differences are what make the world a unique place, and it is within these disparities that citizens are likely to learn more about themselves and the people around them. Some cities offer the opportunity to live in this stimulating environment more than others. London is well known for its multiculturalism and its uniqueness.

Here, people willing to broaden their minds are able to share their experiences and backgrounds. In this setting, the ‘others', as the media often relate to them, become ‘us', and the idea of a unity and community develops among people, even if dissimilar from one another. Therefore, religion, skin-colour, ideology, cultural background, sexuality become secondary priorities in choosing your friends.

I have decided to study in London because I have always been attracted by the variety of its population and I love meeting people from different parts of the planet. Yesterday, for instance, I went out for dinner at a Korean friend's house. We cooked together and I got to learn how to make traditional Korean food. Coming from Italy, which sadly often rejects the idea of opening to a more various society, I really appreciate when nights like that happen.

I am glad to have the chance to explore this variety of human beings, and I know London is the right place to do so. I have just started my first year at Goldsmiths University and I will spend at least two more years here. Luckily enough my university has plenty of International and European students, so I have been meeting people from all over the world.

Everything in life depends on how much effort and passion you put into what you are doing. I am really enjoying my life in London and if I can recommend something to my fellow students, it is to go out and do anything you wouldn't have done before. Feel the freedom to express yourself and learn more and more, not just from books, but also from the people surrounding you.

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