London Prepares for an International Summer

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London is preparing for a truly international summer, as the world's attention begins to turn on the English capital. With a focus on European countries already prominent at Euro 2012, it will soon be time for the rest of world to join in with the Olympics.

This unique and very busy summer in London started with the truly British celebration that was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Thousands of Union Jack flags were put up around the Capital for the festivities, though they are now rapidly being replaced by flags of the world. Flags are adorning most streets in central London, with Regents Street looking particularly impressive as it prepares to welcome the nations of the world. The photo above is of Conduit Street, which is just off Regents Street and right outside the offices.

A Summer of Sport

London is currently gripped by football fever (it's very contagious) with Euro 2012 building (or should that be breaking?) international relationships. With the group stages almost finished, the tournament is starting to take shape, and England will be hoping to win their final match against Ukraine tonight to take their place in the quarter-finals.

With ‘only' 15 games left of the tournament, sports enthusiasts will soon be left without their daily dose of football. Fortunately, Wimbledon is now less than a week away, and the tennis world will soon be heading to South West London. As usual the great British hope is Andy Murray, and as usual, the chances are that he'll reach the semi-final before being knocked out by Djokovic or Nadal.

All this is leading up to the main event of the summer- the London 2012 Olympics. Every four years, it is the biggest international gathering in the world, and London is preparing to host the world. Countries will be setting up their bases all over London and the UK. You'll be able to experience Russia in Kensington Gardens, a small part of USA in the Royal College of Art, or some Chinese culture in Leeds. London will literally become a microcosm of the world, truly living up to its reputation as a global city.

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