More Snow to Come In Britain?

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Britain has been hit by sub-zero temperatures and up to 7 inches of snow over the last few days, with northern and eastern parts of the country particularly suffering/enjoying the cold snap.

London and surrounding areas were sprinkled with snow on Sunday night and Monday morning and, as you'll know if you're near the Capital, are still facing freezing temperatures. However, there is unlikely to be much more of the white stuff falling any time soon.

London Snow

The Houses of Parliament get a covering

Though forecasters are predicting the cold spell to last until Friday, it seems as though this will only be matched by the odd snow shower, with the heaviest having already fallen. A spokesman from the Met Office revealed:

"There will be sub-zero temperatures across much of the UK over the next few nights. We are going to see some snow showers in eastern parts of England and could see another centimetre or two of snow where it does fall."

Temperatures in London are expected to rise a little bit today and tomorrow, reaching about 3C, but by Wednesday night they are predicted to fall to a very chilly -8C.

Nottingham Snow

Nottingham Forest's stadium covered in snow

British Obsession

One thing that is certain is that newspapers and TV news will stop reporting anything else that has happened in the world, instead opting for images of gritting lorries, planes stuck on the runway and kids on sledges. It is a peculiarly British trait to become obsessed with snow whenever there is even the slightest fall.

The media try to make out that the whole country is angry as transport begins to fail, and yet anyone from the public that they interview just seems happy at the sight of snow and the chance that they'll get a day off work.

North Yorkshire Snow

North Yorkshire got one of the thickest coverings

Whatever your feelings on snow, don't expect too much more of it over the coming days, though there is still a chance that another cold snap in February will bring another coating of the country.

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