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London is probably one of the greatest cities to study in. The multicultural community, the fast paced life and the varied entertainment makes London never a dull city. This week, I will present a number of small anecdotes I will never forget.

Losing My Shoe

My Shoe

It was a chilly evening in February as I took the overground train from Shepherd Bush to Clapham Junction in my ballerina shoes. I took a step onto the train whilst a stranger took a step onto the back of my shoe and THERE it dropped between the gap. I took a seat on the train, I contemplated should I get off, should I stay on, what to do? What to do? Glad I was wearing tights, I hid my naked foot from the crowds of London.

I reached Clapham Junction aiming to get assistance. The clock had gone 8pm so the shops were close, no hope but to wait. I waited...5 minutes, 15 minutes, and it never came. Indeed I limped with one shoe on and one shoe off all the way home. Even today, I often glance at my shoe as it is still there (as you can see), probably the proud home to a mouse, dirty, wet and alone. On the positive side, I now know where the door is.

Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival (pictured above) was vibrant and memorable. The beautiful people, colourful outfits, vibrant dancing and loud music made for a fitting day for dancing on the streets of London. The food stalls on the curb selling typical Afro-Caribbean food like chicken jerky, dumplings and corn on the cob. People uniting in celebration and making friends through blowing of random tunes using the Wink ball horn. The day was full of surprises, from entering people's home to use the toilets, to getting pulled along by the carnival members.

This is a definitely must-go event if you are ever in London in the summer. I had my Asian friend with me, who not only found it rather culturally shocking but insisted that the Asian Community should have a similar procession. Something to think about!

The Theatre

The theatre is one of the main attractions in London. There is so much variety, from Legally Blond, to Shrek, to the Lion King. I have so far had the pleasure of watching two performances, both of which were short productions but an amazing experience.

The first performance I attended was Top Girls, which is a drama piece I had studied at A-Level and could not miss the opportunity of seeing on stage. There is no greater way of capturing a play but through action, language, light and silence. This was definitely an unforgettable production for me. I just wish I had seen it before that Literature Exam.

Second, was ‘Some Like it Hip Hop'. This is without doubt, the most captivating piece, getting the audience on their feet and dancing to the tunes. A production of original song writing and amazing choreography made my Sunday afternoon most enjoyable. I hope before I leave London I will be able to see one of the classics and certainly will to tell you about it. 

London is the place to experience and enjoy. Make the most of it!

Hopefully, there are more stories to come....


Angelique is a student blogger for Foreign Students. Originally from the Seychelles, she is currently a Law student at the University of London. You can read all her older posts here.  

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