Round up of the Week (20-9-11)

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Every week we bring you a round up of all the student news from the past week, as well as the trends hitting the web at the moment. This week's includes university deficits, Facebook buttons and an Enzo crash.

Student News

26 UK Universities in Deficit

A new report has revealed that one in five British universities are in deficit. Whilst investigating the financial health of the Higher Education sector, accountants Grant Thornton found that 26 universities are in deficit, and almost half are below the recommended minimum of surplus. However, overall, the news is good, with total surplus up from £345m to £811m.


University Family Traditions

More and more universities in the UK are seeing generations from the same family attending. Whilst it has always been traditional for sons to follow their father to the same college at Oxbridge, this trend has now spread to other British universities. Three families have revealed the differences and similarities between when the parents went to university and now.   


Univerity Minister Defends Reforms

The UK universities minister, David Willetts, has written a piece in the Guardian newspaper defending the recent reforms of the Higher Education system in England. He argues that the reforms will save tax payers huge amounts of money, but also encourage greater opportunity and fairness for students. 


Internet and Technology

Smart Phone Credit Card

Google have released a new service that could revolutionise the way we use our mobile phones and the way we shop. The Google Wallet allows you to pay for things simply by waving your phone over a payment panel in shops. Although only just starting out, as the system grows in popularity, the number of shops where you will be able to use the service is already increasing rapidly.


Facebook to Reveal New Buttons

There are rumours that Facebook is about to announce a series of new buttons on to its site. Whilst the 'Like' button shows that you like the post, the new buttons will allow you to show that you have 'Read', 'Watched' or 'Listened' to whatever your friends have posted. 


Enzo Car Crashed into the Ocean

Motor racing crashes are usually spectacular, but what you don't see very often is a car ending up in the ocean. Well, below is the result of when that happens.  


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