Round up of the Week (23-8-11)

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Every week we bring you a round up of all the student news from the past week, as well as the trends hitting the web at the moment. This week's includes record university numbers, the top gap year destinations and a new discount iPhone 4.  

Student News

University Spaces Fill up in Record Time

The spaces left at universities after the initial intake of students, called 'Clearing', are being filled faster than ever before. Nearly a third more of them have been taken than at this time last year, with almost 18,000 having been filled by Monday morning. Overall, there have been around 10,000 more university applications than there were last year, but the number of places available has remained unchanged.    


Top 10 Gap Year Destinations

Every year thousands of students finish school and decide to take a year out before starting university to travel the world. Here, the Huffington Post makes ten suggestions for the best destinations to visit during your time away, including tropical beaches, ancient ruins and exotic carnivals. 


Internet and Technology

Apple to Release Cheaper iPhone

A rumour has been spreading around the technology world that could mean good news for students who like Apple products but cannot afford them. It has been suggested that the technology giant is planning to release a discount version of their current mobile phone- the iPhone 4, in September. It will have a smaller memory than the current model and will be a cheaper alternative to the new iPhone 5.  


Say Something Nice

Ever wondered whether the general public are inherently nice but just too shy to show it? Well a group of people came up with a project to test just that. They left a lectern with a megaphone and an attached sign that read "Say Something Nice". They then left it on its own in spaces around New York to see what would happen. Below is the result: 


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