Round up of the Week (27-6-11)

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Every week we bring you a round up of all the student news from the past week, as well as the trends hitting the web at the moment. This week's includes criticisms of university admissions and teacher strike action, a well as hand hackers and a great rush hour video from The Netherlands.

Top student expansion plan could hit social mobility

There is concern over plans for British Universities which would relax the limit of the number of top achieving students given a place to university, the decision could make it harder for those who don't have AAB grades to get into their desired institution instead favouring only students who come from wealthy backgrounds. Read the article.

Ministers and union leaders in talks to halt strike action

Teachers across the UK are planning to strike this week over changes to the pension scheme offered to public sector workers, the closure of schools across England is likely to cause great disruption to parents. Education secretary Michael Gove has condemned the strike as harmful to the reputation of the teaching profession. Read the article.

Scientists can hack your hand

Techeye reports that Japan electronics firm Sony is developing technology which will be able to stimulate movement in your hand, by using 28 electrode pads a hand can be manipulated to play a musical instrument or help stroke victims' recover from a loss of muscle movement. Read the article.

Bicycle rush hour Utrecht

YouTube Trends reports that a video from 2010 is becoming a viral hit, the topic is rush hour in The Netherlands, yet no cars are pictured in this hectic morning rush - instead an on rush of bicycles. Utrecht is reported to have over 22,000 bike-riders who are very loyal to this mode of transport.


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