Royal Wedding Crowd Already Growing

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A crowd of royal wedding fans started gathering outside Westminster Abbey last night, a full two and a half days (!) before the event.

Ranging from small children to pensioners, the committed Royalists were dressed in their finest British clothing (especially the man above). We went to go and have a look whilst they all enjoyed their fifteen minutes of fame with the world's media surrounding them.  

The Most Loyal Royal Wedding Fans

Some people have gone to great lengths to catch a glimpse of Prince William and Kate on their big day. Below you can see our favourites:

Estibalis Chavez: a high-school student that became famous in February when she decided to camp for two weeks outside the British Embassy in Mexico City. Why? Chavez believed that her perseverance would win her an invitation to the Royal Wedding. Although her name might not have made it to the select guest list, a good Samaritan that walked by as she protested was so moved as to lend her $1,250 for a flight to London!

Teresa Cunningham: an American woman that has quit her job to attend the royal wedding festivities on Friday. Because she did not obtain permission to take the day off even though she had already purchased her flight overseas, Cunningham presented her resignation.

Guen Murray: a 76-year-old from Norfolk that arrived second in the camping site outside of Westminster Abbey. Accompanied by a suitcase, bedding and enough wool to knit away the days, Mrs. Murray is no newcomer to royal ceremonies. Thirty years ago, she also camped outside Buckingham Palace for the wedding of Diana and Prince Charles. She did the same for the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson in 1986.

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