Seven Mistakes to Avoid During Freshers’ Week

Andy's picture editor Andy is not too long out of university and can (vaguely) remember his own Freshers' Week. He's brought together the seven deadly mistakes everyone makes during Freshers' Week so you don't have to (including the old tin foil room above).

1) Going too big, too early

For most people Freshers' Week is seven straight nights of drinking until the early hours. Your first week at university doesn't come round too often, so that's ok - going out is a large part of the process of making new friends. Getting so smashed on the first night that you a) embarrass yourself b) can't remember who your new friends are c) can't make it out for the next few nights, isn't the perfect start.

2) Not eating

With the constant socialising, food can often be forgotten about. A recent survey claimed that more than three quarters of students don't know how to boil an egg and 57% can't cook vegetables (supposedly). Despite your 18-year-old body being able to cope with almost anything you throw at it, it will soon wilt if you don't eat. Eating is not cheating, and however much you try and persuade yourself, Guinness does not count as one of your five-a-day.

3) Missing the Freshers' fairs

Getting up early (pre-midday) to attend a large, noisy crowd of people trying to get your email address doesn't seem like the greatest idea on a nine pint hangover. However, Freshers' fairs are so important for making new friends and getting involved in university life. Chances are, if you don't join societies in the first week, then you never will as you'll feel like an outsider.

4) Choosing your friends too early

At no other time in your life will you meet so many new people as during Freshers' Week. There will be certain ones that you immediately get on with and others you take a dislike to. However, Freshers' Week is not the time to make a snap decision on who you are going to hang out with for the next three years. First appearances can be deceiving.

5) Forgetting people's names

Such a simple thing and one I'm particularly bad at. If you come across someone you briefly met three nights ago and they remember your name, don't pretend you're not impressed. Try and be that person and you immediately make a good impression however drunk you are.

6) Not locking your room door

Most student halls are pretty safe from thieves, but not locking your room leaves it open to your fellow Freshers. One time I returned to find my room totally empty other than my laptop playing meatspin (don't Google that if you don't know what it is). Another friend found their entire room covered in tin foil, whilst many others found their doors missing once we found you could lift them off their hinges.

7) Avoiding the library

For some people it can take months or even years of university to realise quite how brilliant the library is (maybe just don't use those exact words when meeting new people for the first time). It may not be your number one priority during Freshers' week and rightly so, but the sooner you get to know the university library, the better.

Instead of spending hundreds of pounds on every single course book, see how many of them you can get at the library. Plus work that would take three hours in your halls with the distractions of a mid-morning beer or a quick game of Fifa, takes an hour in the library. So, the library saves you money and time - what's not to like?

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